Quality Service Tips For Breakfast Restaurants

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As with any restaurant or food service establishment, there are certain elements of business that require careful attention in order to succeed. And this goes the same with food businesses serving mainly breakfast meals. Of course, the fundamentals of good customer service should always be present and appropriate. Customer service starts the minute the door opens and continues long after the customer’s meal is over. Speaking of good customer service, The Steaming Cup in Waukesha, WI serves yummy breakfast and has a good atmosphere that you’ll surely enjoy. Check out their website today.

Even when the customers are happy or dissatisfied, your breakfast joint should always strive for the overall goal of building a positive experience for every customer.

So how a breakfast restaurant can have a high touch service quality and make customers happier? Find out more as we tackle this topic in today’s post.


What Can You Do To Enhance The Customer Service Level Of Your Breakfast Restaurant Even Further?

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Developing a better brand of customer service requires a unique blend of different elements that operate behind the scenes and revolve around customer interactions. These elements are essential so you can create a relaxing atmosphere for customers and hide the nuances of the chaos during peak operating hours, especially during mornings:

Blending Technology And Customer Service

When introducing upgrades in your customer service, leveraging technology is a must these days since 80% of customers use the internet to check out menus and make online reservations for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. So based on this data, it’s very crucial that you implement software with features and functions that allow your business to grow.

You also need to introduce a customer facing-tech and a POS (point of sale) platform that integrates all processes together seamlessly.

Using POS Solution To Better Staff Communications

Moving to a more innovative POS solution can give you access to the various tools to eliminate miscommunication episodes among your staff. Some of these POS features include:

  • Placing tablets at the table for menu, ordering, and payment.
  • Online reservations that coincide with staff schedules to make sure your employees’ needs are perfectly met.
  • A kitchen display system (KDS) to avoid kitchen errors and improve the level of order fulfillment.

With these features, you can improve order accuracy and staff communications which leads to a better service quality of your business.

Updating To A More Personalized Service

Letting your customers have control over their dining experience will give them more satisfaction, even during busy hours. And this goes hand in hand with the technology that we’ve mentioned above as it gives them the ability to make reservations, pre-order, eat, pay, and leave at their most convenient time.

Staying Engaged With Customers Even When They’re Away

Lastly, building customer relations is a continuous process that is not limited to the 4 corners of your establishment. To be specific, seeking their feedback through a survey, email, or social media comments will give you options to further improve their dining experience on their next visit a well as enhancing your brand of service overall.

Through this process, you are showing to your patrons that you value their opinions which leads to a higher customer satisfaction rate and better customer retention of your business.

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